CloudDancing is a multiple realities experience, a study of dance over multiple points of view, between real and virtual.

CloudDancing is the sum of three spaces. The stage, where the dance happens live before the public. Behind it, a virtual world resulting of the dancers movement is projected. The local Virtual Reality experience, where two spectators inhabit this virtual world and interact with the dancers. The web experience, where people from anywhere in the world can connect and experience CloudDancing. Those three points of view are not isolated, but connected, impacting one another.



Here on this website - you can experience a stand alone version of CloudDancing, a teaser of what happens live online when the performance takes place.

How to behave

Explore the scene - click/touch to move around the spectator dome.
On your computer - click/drag to change the orientation of the camera.
On your smartphone - the camera follow the orientation of your phone.

-Enter CloudDancing-